DyCom Security Solutions, part of the DyCom Group of Companies is both proud and delighted to announce it has won the tender to design, install and maintain the CCTV Surveillance Project on behalf of the Horsham Rural City Council.

The project, funded through the Victorian Department of Justice, falls under the “Safe City” initiative instigated by the Victorian Government, where recent press revealed that initiative has been given a boost by the announcement by Premier Ted Baillieu of increased funding for this initiative.

The Safe City program is designed to assist in the reduction of street crime, particularly in and around the Central Business Districts and main Shopping areas of those cities selected for funding. Typically, these projects comprise CCTV Surveillance with the intention on boosting security in the designated areas.

A number of such projects have already been completed such as for Frankston, Stonnington and others, while a great number of others are in the process of completion, tendering and consideration, including Boorondara, Shepparton, and others.

These projects generally comprise a number of quality CCTV cameras (of the IP variety), that are networked and linked directly back to the local Police. These cameras are mounted in high (pedestrian) traffic areas as a direct means of combatting crime, the likes of which we have all unfortunately witnessed in the form of the deaths of Jill Meagher and others, all of whom have been assaulted or accosted on the streets.

The images that will be transmitted to the Police from these cameras will be high quality, enabling the Police to identify faces, vehicle license plates, clothing types/colour, etc., as the means of both deterring crime but also pursuing perpetrators and then having sufficient hard evidence to place before the Courts in the prosecution of those charged with the offenses.

For the City of Horsham, DyCom has combined its three divisions of Security, Wirless and Network Integration to provide a fully integrated security solution for the Council on a turn-key basis, including the following major features:

• Multiple camera locations within the Horsham CBD
• All live camera images transmitted through dedicated wireless link to Horsham Police Station
• Images are recorded and can be viewed live at the Police Station
• Infrastructure is designed to have the capacity for future expansion

The DyCom Group is extremely proud to have won this tender from a competitive field and equally proud to be associated with the City of Horsham.